Youming Yu

Youming Yu

PhD candidate
yuyoumin [at]
Biographical Sketch

Research interest: phase-change heat transfer


Mr. Yu works on two-phase thermal cooling systems for space applications. He joined AMS since 2017. During his stay in CERN in early 2017, he took shifts of Tracker, TRD and ACC. He is involved in the development of the Upgraded Tracker  Thermal Pump System (UTTPS) for AMS-02.1 from middle 2017. He conducted tests of qualification and flight module of UTTPS, i.e. component verification, thermal-vacuum leak check, systematical characterization, and thermal-vacuum performance, etc.  

Professional experiences:

For development and assembly of the UTTPS, he is responsible for carrying out tests, including thermal performance verification, leak check in thermal-vacuum environment, and flight fluid connector screening, etc., in collaboration with RWTH (Germany), INFN (Italy), MIT (United States) and NASA (United States). He is also experienced in Finite Element Analysis, data processing and visualization via Python programming.