Zhencheng Huang

Zhencheng Huang

hzhench2 [at] mail.sysu.edu.cn
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Research interest: theory and simulation of two-phase flow


Major in theory and simulation of two-phase flow. Advantage in CFD and modeling, nonlinear dynamic modeling and data analysis. Familiar with SINDA/FLUINT, COMSOL, Mathematica. Joined in the group of simulation since 2006. Built the first complete model of Tracker Thermal Control System(TTCS) for EM and QM . Provided the solution for condenser frozen problem during the coldest case with simulation result. Also participate the EM test in Zhuhai Campus.

"Precision Thermal Control System for Large-scale Space Experiments Based on an Active Two-Phase Fluid Loop"  won the second prize of Science and Technology of  Guangdong  province (2016).