AMS Days at La Palma

La Palma, Spain

AMS has now collected more than 115 billion cosmic rays. The vast increase of statistics provides a deeper and clearer picture of charged cosmic rays. In the meantime, there are many outstanding and complementary experiments in space (Fermi, CALET, DAMPE, ISS-CREAM, EUSO-SPB, POEMMA, …) and on Earth (ICE-Cube, Pierre Auger, TA, HESS, …) which have provided extremely important results. In the last seven years, AMS has results, published and to be published, on the following topics in charged cosmic ray physics:

  • The positron spectrum and positron fraction
  • The antiproton spectrum and the antiproton-to-proton ratio
  • The electron spectrum
  • The (electron + positron) spectrum
  • The anisotropy of cosmic rays
  • The unexpected properties of positrons, antiprotons, electrons, and protons as functions of rigidity
  • The observation of the identical properties with rigidity of primary cosmic rays to multi-TV
  • The observation of the identical properties with rigidity of secondary cosmic rays to multi-TV
  • The ratios of secondary to primary fluxes as functions of rigidity
  • Cosmic anti-deuterons (we have collected 100 million deuterons)
  • Cosmic heavy antimatter – progress report on the properties of the observed anti-3He and anti-4He
  • The precision measurement of the nitrogen spectrum and its implications
  • Complex time structures in the electron and positron fluxes
  • Fine time structures of the proton and helium fluxes
  • Physics of cosmic ray isotopes